Last year in July, we launched an online triage system. The online form can be accessed via our website and will mean you can contact the surgery at any time about a medical or administrative issue. You answer a few short questions on the form, and you will get a response from the surgery within 1 working day. This allows us to perform an on the day needs assessment and offer you the most appropriate outcome without the need to be on hold for a long time, or the need to come into the surgery.

What should I use this form for?

You can use this form for anything you would usually contact the surgery for such as requesting an appointment, medical issues you want to discuss with a doctor or nurse, repeat prescriptions, or admin issues like getting a sick (fit) note or test results. We aim to reply to you on the same working day if we receive your request on time. If you think you need help before then, you should call the surgery.

Please note that the submitted forms will only be read during office hours. The forms will not be read on the weekends (Saturdays and Sundays) or on bank holidays. If you need urgent help out of hours please contact 111 or 999 if this is an emergency

What questions will I be asked?

If you have a medical query, you’ll be asked to describe it, how long it’s been going on for, and what you’re worried about. For admin, you can choose from asking about test results, repeat prescriptions, fit/sick notes, referrals, a doctor’s letter, or something else

What details do I need to be able to fill in the form?

You’ll be asked for your name, date of birth, postcode, gender, and your contact number. If you have your mobile phone to hand, then you can choose to receive a code via text message to enter into the website. This allows the staff at the practice to locate your record faster.

How long will the form take to complete?

The form should only take a few minutes to complete. If you have any issues or can’t fill the form out, please contact the surgery and we will be able to help you complete your request.

Why are we making this change?

This change should make it easier to submit requests to the practice and ensure that requests are seen by the most appropriate member of staff and dealt with in an appropriate timeframe. Appointments will be prioritised according to health need, rather than who gets their call answered first.

The benefits of using online consultations are:

  • Easy to access – it should only take a couple of minutes to fill out your information
  • No waiting on hold on the phone
  • Your request will be seen by the right person
  • Convenience – send your request over whenever you need it, rather than when you can get through on the phone
  • Your GP might be able to help more quickly and easily, for example with a phone call, or by referring you directly to the service you need, such as physiotherapy

You can now book using either of the links below: